Eavesdropping: Blind Masseurs on the Question of Technology

(Picture is from an article entitled “Haptic Dreams of the Blind Masseurs“) Blind Massage Parlour is an interesting place. It is probably one of few places in China where blindness can be blatantly and especially socially visible. Often all Chinese pedestrians’ lane have tracks for the visually impaired but they don’t seem to be regularly maintainedContinue reading “Eavesdropping: Blind Masseurs on the Question of Technology”

Where is the end of low end population?

Previously I have written a micro-history of ruination and renewal of internet cafes, the recent forced removal of ‘low end population’ in Beijing prompts me to revisit the spatial politics of urban demolition and renewal. Part of this short essay comes directly from the old paper. Perhaps the truly dangerous classes are not so much theContinue reading “Where is the end of low end population?”