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I also work(ing/ed) on a number of collective side projects.

Cursed With Good Ideas (2017-ongoing)
CWGI is just another podcast of/for post-crisis academics.

Arcade/Border/City (2013-2015)
The Arcade/Border/City reading group is an independent, cross-disciplinary collective set up in Hong Kong by graduate students and young scholars with the purpose of navigating critically Walter Benjamin’s Passagenwerk through everyday life experiences in Hong Kong. We interrogate the ways in which the architectural forms of contemporary urbanism (the arcade, the border, the link, the street, and so on) are connected to, or disjointed from, the layered networks of mobility, media, affect, representation and desire that shape individual lives in metropolitan agglomerations. The Tumblr blog functions as an ongoing, free-form data collection platform & heuristic mixed-media collage.

ASIA.LIVE Virtual Workshop (September 2019-???)
This workshop was in the form of a YouTube livestream. The livestream screened 12 videos contributed by scholars and artists who participated remotely via live chat across 7 timezones. These videos examined livestreaming platforms and practices in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Indonesia from a variety of perspectives. The video playlist can be accessed here.