*I have provided links/pdfs for most sources.

edited book and special issue:
Zhang, Ge & de Seta, Gabriele (2021), ASIA.LIVE: Inaugurating Livestream Studies in Asia, Asiascape: Digital Asia, 8:1-2.
Renaud, Clément & Zhang, Dino Ge (2021), (Un)Locked: Memories of Wuhan, Scale. (pdf)

academic papers:
Zhang, Ge (2021), Sino-no-futurism, Verge: Studies in Global Asias. 7: 2, pp.92-99.
Zhang, Ge (2021), Richang: An Affect-Inflected Ethnography of Chinese Livestreams, Asiascape: Digital Asia, 8:1-2, pp.15–42.(pdf)
Zhang, Dino Ge (2020), A Diagnosis of Sinofuturism from the Urban-Rural Fringe, SFRA Review, 50:2-3.
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Zhang, Ge (2016), From Wangba Back to Wangka: Ruination and Renewal of the Chinese Internet Café. Asiascape: Digital Asia, 3, pp.38-59. (pdf)
Zhang, Ge (2015), Parallax view: “Year one” of Chinese game studies?, Games and Culture, 11:3, pp.332-338.
Zhang, Ge (2014), The stroller in the virtual city: Spatial practice of Hong Kong players in Sleeping Dogs. G|A|M|E: The Italian Journal of Game Studies, 3. (pdf)

book chapters:
Zhang, Dino Ge (2020), Televisuality of Live-Streaming-Video, in Geert Lovink, Andreas Treske (eds), Video Vortex Reader #3, Institute of Network Cultures. (pdf)
Zhang, Dino Ge (2020), Speed Politics of Danmu, in Clément Renaud, Florence Graezer Bideau, Marc Laperrouza (eds), Realtime: Making Digital China, EPFL Press. (pdf)
Zhang, Ge (2018), 无聊的美学与网络直播,网络化的力量:第一届网络社会年会论文集, 中国美术学院出版社. (pdf)
Zhang, Ge & de Seta, Gabriele (2018), “Being ‘red’ on the internet: The craft of popularity on Chinese social media platforms’, in Crystal Abidin, Megan Lindsay Brown (eds), Microcelebrity Around the Globe, Emerald Publishing Limited. (pdf)
Zhang, Ge (2017), “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, in Robert Mejia, Jaime Banks and Aubrie Adams (eds), 100 Greatest Video Game Franchises, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. (pdf)
Zhang, Ge & de Seta, Gabriele (2015), “Stranger Stranger or Lonely Lonely? Young Chinese and dating apps between the locational, the mobile and the social”, in Alev Degim, James Johnson and Tao Fu (eds), Online Courtship: Interpersonal Interactions Across Borders, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.

book reviews:
Zhang, Ge. (2021), Mapping Digital Game Culture in China (by Marcella SZABLEWICZ). China Perspectives, 2021/2, pp. 80-81.
Zhang, Ge. (2021), Zoning China (Luzhou Li), Communication Review, 24:1, pp.79-82,
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Zhang, Ge. (2015), Portable play in everyday life: The Nintendo DS (Samuel Tobin), Asiascape: Digital Asia, 2:3, pp.292-294.

selected essays:
November 2019: The Spectacle of Cuckoldry and the Crisis of the Libidinal Economy, Asia Dialogue. (pdf)
December 2018: Agri-Porn, Radiichina.
May 2018: Diaosi, Nüzhubo and Enclosure of Desire, Wagic. (pdf)
Feb 2018: MC Shitou: Icon of a Fading Internet Subculture, Radiichina.
July 2017: Armchair Anthropology, The Future of Digital Ethnography, Digital Ethnography Research Centre.
Feb 2017: On fallout shelter, Indienova.
July 2014: [co-authored with Gabriele de Seta, Jonathan Burrow, Tobias Zuser, Anneke Coppoolse], Arcade/Border/City: Reading Benjamin’s Passagenwerk in Hong Kong”, Immediacy. (pdf)

selected talks & interviews:
November 2017: Western localization of Chinese games: a Conversation with Mateusz Felczek, Indienova.
December 2016: Direct-casting: An interview with Dino Zhang on livestreaming in China, Cyborgology.
October 2016: Improvising visual method: A reflection of fieldwork while researching Chinese livestreaming websites, Ethnoforum, University of Melbourne.
July 2015: Are dating apps fuelling a sexual revolution in China? Not exactly, Asia Digital Life Podcast.
Feb 2014: Urbanism, Play and the Ludic City: Playing at the border of urban space, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture: Value Factory, Closing Party on the Lawn, Shenzhen.

selected conference presentations & workshops:
September 2019: Ordinary Affects of Zhibo, ASIA.LIVE Virtual Workshop: Locating Livestreaming in Asia, Leiden University.
April 2018: Displacement and Livestream Ethnography (Xiangxi Fatty, 2015-2017), Displacements: The 2018 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology.
November 2016: Aesthetics of boredom and Chinese livestreams, Forces of Reticulation: The First Annual Conference of Network Society, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou.
July 2016: The Divide between E-sport and Playing Games in China (with Daniel Recktenwald), Chinese DiGRA 2016: Decoding the Academic-Industrial-Gameplay Complex, Providence University, Taichung.
September 2013: Novelty and Retromania of indie games, PolyU Postgraduate Students Conference: Novelty/Theory, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

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